Samsung shines with updates but promises more speed


When it comes to updates in the Android world, it’s impossible not to draw comparisons to the Apple ecosystem. Cupertino still has the manufacturer’s palm being updated the most but also from the point of view of the operating system of the green robot many steps forward are being taken. The fastest without a doubt samsung But now the Asian company also promises More speed in updates!

Samsung promises faster updates for 2023


If you want to assess the situation, it is impossible not to note Samsung’s speed. Google launched android 13 On August 15 while The first Modernization From samsung (with the One user interface 5) was released on October 24 on the Galaxy S22 series. precisely a little over two months; Meanwhile, there are many smartphones that have received the ill-fated update and among the most recent we find the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the foldable Z Flip 3.

Summarizing the above, The debut of One Ui 5 was the fastest ever, with certainly wide coverage of smartphones. Samsung could have updated the current top of the range and then postponed the update for the vast majority of mid-ranges until 2023, but that was not the case.


However, the Asian company announced – via a post on the official website – that it intends to do better for 2023. For the next year, Samsung promises To be faster in issuing updates And to bring future versions of One UI to more devices at the same time (and as quickly as possible).

In short, it is interesting to note (in addition to the finish line) the fact that the Android manufacturer is finally delivering High priority for software updates. We are also talking about a brand that in the past never made people cry out for a miracle (in fact): the change was total, aligning itself with the interests of a large part of the users.

Who knows if other smartphone brands will take Samsung’s example and make updates faster. In the meantime, if you’re curious to know Which android factory update the mostAnd the Take a look at our in-depth analysis; For Samsung users, here is the form list With One UI 5 and Android 13.

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