Samsung S23 Revolution: There should be Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 also in Europe

Samsung is preparing for important new news for the smartphone market globally, as the South Korean manufacturer is gearing up for its top of the range set to be launched early next year.

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Obviously, we are talking about the three Galaxy S23 models, about which we are constantly learning new details thanks to the various rumors that appear on the net. After the latest details have been leaked in the technical part of the photographic sector, let’s see interesting news on the hardware front.

According to what the well-known monk just reported ice worldthe new ones Galaxy S23 is sold in Europeand therefore also in Italy with the Healer snapdragon. A novelty that would be absolute if confirmed, given that at the moment in Europe we have seen only Samsung’s top-of-the-range processor Exynos.

Ice Universe says it should be about Snapdragon 8 Gen 2Qualcomm’s latest gem.

This will be partially confirmed by the test results Standards It was done with the Galaxy S23 on Geekbench, which we see evidence of below.

Don’t assume a Galaxy S23 with Snapdragon processor also in Italy. At the moment, these are hypotheses and references from sources, no matter how reliable they are, They are not official.

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