Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be very powerful

Only a few days left until the official launch of the long-awaited new smartphone family Samsung Galaxy S23and the closer the fateful day gets, the more frivolity and anticipation builds, as if to remove any anticipation or surprise at any news the South Korean giant may have in store. Bringing good news, the Galaxy S23, especially the S23 Ultra it will be a great smartphone.

Galaxy S23: the photo department will scream

And it goes without saying that the latest spoiler comes from the same samsungIn a YouTube video promoting the Unpacked event, he nods to the photography capabilities of smartphones and explains:a magnificent night is coming“.

Between the lines but not by much it is understood that new smartphones will be able to record and shoot video night photo Even if the only light available is provided by the moon (preferably at least completely), the quality is so high that you can take pictures as if you had a professional camera in your hand.

afterwards,”100x space zoom“, but only on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which has a very powerful main sensor Isocell HP2 from 200MPsignificantly more than the 108 MP Isocell HM3 fitted to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Galaxy S23, more powerful than anyone

This latest indiscretion comes from an online benchmarking platform. geek bench who got it Galaxy S23 Ultra of pre-production. Tests conducted confirmed that it was leaked months ago. This is what the new top of the range from Samsung guarantees. better performance Compared to the current Galaxy S22 Ultra.

in particular, 36% improvement 48% CPU, 48% Adreno 740 GPU, 60% NPU. Geekbench reports that the maximum GPU-attributable result in a Vulkan test run on the January 21st model equals his 10,744 points (hence the same one you see on the shelves most likely). On the other hand, the lowest score for the model in December was 9,072 points.

It’s more than a realistic number considering it’s going to have the latest chips, not just the Galaxy S23. Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2but it also turns out that it will be a special version with higher clock speeds than the standard one.

3 out of 5 sensors change

In addition to the test results, Geekbench also lists the technical characteristics found on the tested specimens. Therefore, the photographic department of the powerful Samsung S23 Galaxy Ultra includes 3 out of 5 new sensors compared to its predecessor.

As mentioned, a new 200 MP sensor has arrived, joined by a branded 12 MP ultra-wide angle. Sony IMX564The Galaxy S22 Ultra is powered by an IMX563, which is always Sony but not a recent one. The third novelty concerns the front-located selfie sensor. The sensor should debut as reported by Geekbench Isocell 3LU Nothing is known yet, except for a resolution of 12 MP. This sensor replaces the 40 MP Isocell GH1 in the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Switching the selfie camera from 40 MP to 12 MP might turn the nose up, but the fact that the sensor is all new Technical specificationswhich may be higher than that of the old sensor.

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