Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: big news for the fingerprint sensor…or maybe not?

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max

We’ve talked about so far Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Mostly under the imaging front, as it should be the first smartphone to bring a 200MP camera to the general public. We also know that the next generation of the Galaxy S family will have to abandon Exynos solutions in favor of its counterpart from Qualcomm; Moreover, the improvements should also include the often underestimated selfie camera. But the novelty that everyone probably likes is about fingerprint scanner.

Update 11/20: New evidence that will refute this hypothesis, find all the details at the end of the article.

New details in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra data sheet

During 2018, the transition happened: from the back (or the sides, in some scattered cases) we moved to the in-display fingerprint sensor, and since then there has been no turning back. For Samsung, we had to wait for 2019 with the debut of the best-in-class Galaxy S10 series, while now this type of sensor is also available on mid-range models. And unlike many other devices, Samsung has always opted for a fingerprint sensor Ultrasound technology; Compared to optical technology, ultrasound technology is on average more efficient in terms of editing speed and accuracy.

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But after years of stagnation, with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, there should be a long-awaited update, which is adoption Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max. This technology was presented at CES 2021, and it represents a step forward in the field of in-display fingerprint sensors, as it offers17x larger opening area of conventional sensors, approximately 20 x 30 mm². In addition to having a larger and therefore more comfortable surface for opening the lock, it also allows the use of Two fingerprints together To increase the level of security.

Despite these benefits, they have so far only been spotted by secondary brands: we have recently tested them on vivo X80 Pro and iQOO 9 Pro, but Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra should be the first to bring it to a wider range. It remains to be seen if it will remain an exclusive feature for the Ultra model or if Samsung will decide to implement it on all models in the range.

Denial appears | Update 11/20

What if nothing changes for the fingerprint sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra? That’s the premise that emerges from Ice Universe Leaker’s latest tweet, revealing a protective glass film for Samsung’s next top of the range. Looking closely, you can see that the fingerprint slot is the same diameter as the one on the S22 Ultra. This means that Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max is not certified, because the area will not be enough to cover the entire surface.

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