Samsung follows iPhone 14 with Galaxy S23: will it have satellite connectivity?

A few days after activating the iPhone 14 satellite connection, ETNews broke the news that Samsung is working with Iridium Communications for Bring a similar system to the next Galaxy S23 as well.

Iridium is a company specialized in providing communication services (voice calls and data calls) Through 66 low orbit satellites And I worked with Samsung for two years to integrate the feature into smartphones.

Instead, Apple relied on Global Star satellite communication for iPhone 14while Huawei uses Beidou satellites for the Mate 50 Pro satellites.

The report states that the Korean giant intends to bring the Galaxy S23 to The ability to send text messages and low-resolution images via satellite. At the moment it is not clear if it will be an exclusive feature of the top models or if it will be offered to everyone.

The markets in which it will be available also remain unknown: Apple, for example, currently only offers it in Canada and the United States, but has already announced that it will also be extended to other countries during 2023.

According to the latest rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be looking towards gaming and could have an overclocked GPU. The premiere is expected in early 2023.

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