Samsung fined €7,500 for Galaxy Z Flip’s excessive emissions

The National Frequency Agency has fined the Korean giant €7,500 for the excessive SAR rating of the Galaxy Z Flip. An amount that is neither symbolic nor incentive, which did not prompt the manufacturer to quickly solve the problem.

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ANFR (National Frequency Agency) measures, among other tasks, Measurement of the amount of waves received by the human body Through electrical devices that emit radiation. Of course, smartphones are part of this category of gadgets. Every year, the public organization takes dozens of smartphones and measures Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).. Thus, in 2021 alone, ANFR has installed 9 OnePlus, Sony, and Xiaomi smartphones that are making a lot of waves.

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that’s enough It is common for the device model to exceed the limits Absorption is allowed. Three types of SAR are taken into account: head (when the phone is held to the ear), torso (when the device is in a pocket) and those of the limbs (when held by the hand). Measurement taken in weight / kg It should not exceed 2W/kg per head and torso, and 4 W/kg for the limbs. If the overrun is done, and without significant improvement after a second analysis by an independent laboratory, the offending manufacturer will be liable to a fine of €7,500.

Samsung has been fined for the SAR of the Galaxy Z Flip and Wiko has issued a warning for the Y82

The amount of the latter apparently discouraged Samsung from reducing the SAR of the Galaxy Z Flip that has been on the market since 2020. The South Korean brand has been penalized for failing to reduce the emissions of the Galaxy Z Flip (first name released in 2020) within a period of time. Reasonable. During the first measurement, The smartphone has a SAR box of 3,024 W/kg, which is a value 50% higher than the authorized version. It took several software updates for the korean manufacturer to lower its foldable SAR to a dose below that allowable.

Note that the Galaxy Z Flip is not the only smartphone that emits a lot of waves. ANFR had also filed an official trademark notice Wiko for the oversampled SAR of Wiko Y82. The SAR member of the latter was measured at 4.01 W/kg, exceeding the limit by 0.01 W/kg. The Marseille manufacturer immediately rectified the situation by bringing the SAR back to 2.03 W/kg. So he didn’t have to pay a fine.

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