Sami Mahdi (CD & V) is awaiting a response from Minister Hajj Lahbeeb

The head of the CD & V Center, Sami Mahdi, denounced on Monday the retreat of a number of European teams, including Belgium, in the face of the threat of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) to impose sanctions on teams whose captain wears the “One Love” armband during the World Cup in Qatar. . He expected a strong reaction from Foreign Minister Hadj Lahbib, who must attend the Red Devils’ first match on Wednesday night against Canada.

“We cannot, in every match, put one knee on the ground (protesting racism, editor’s note), and in Qatar, we give in to the threat of a yellow card,” emphasized Mr. Mahdi.

Send a strong signal

The seven European teams that had planned to wear a “one love” colored armband in favor of inclusion and against discrimination, gave up on Monday in the face of the threat of “sporting sanctions”. This announcement sparked a number of angry reactions.

For Sami Mahdi, “Our European teams can send an important signal on the ground in favor of human rights, women’s rights and Houlibi rights, under the eyes of Qatari leaders and FIFA monks who blindly follow the views of this authoritarian regime.

In his eyes, if the protest cannot take place on the ground, it must at least be done through a “strong political statement” from Foreign Minister Hajja Lahbib (MR), who will travel to Qatar on Wednesday for the first game of the match. Red Devils against Canada. “And a yellow card from FIFA’s corrupt bosses towards Belgian politics, we would gladly take it,” concluded the CD&V president.

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