Rugby (D1) | Black series continues for Soignies: “Winning against Boitsfort will be necessary”

The Carriers are not used to losing and were dejected after their third straight loss of the season. They never managed to consolidate their dominance and score the liberating try against Coq Mosan on Sunday: “We felt completely powerless against this up and coming Division 2 team. The turning point of the meeting was the cancellation of our single try for a defect screen on a defender. . The pill is hard to swallow but we spent a lot of time discussing and thinking after the meeting to find solutions. It will be absolutely necessary to score points this weekend to regain confidence and get some fresh air to blow the standings,” said coach Boris Montoisy.

“Don’t Take Them Lightly”

Rugby Club Soignies welcomes for its next meeting the Brussels team from Bosvoorde, which has only one victory to its name. It’s the ideal game to set the record straight, even if it won’t be enough to look like winning: “The situation is starting to get urgent with regard to our playoff goals. Boitsfort is a low-ranking team, but that is not obvious. But we hold all the cards to win, especially since we will be playing in front of our audience. We will have to be diligent and not take this game lightly. We have made good progress with our closed scrum issues and it will be imperative to continue this momentum this weekend. This allows us to get penalties and hit our opponent on the head. If we capitalize on our chances and stick together on the defensive, the coin will fall in our side. I don’t know what the weather conditions will be like yet, but if it’s too wet, we’ll have to play efficiently and not too ambitiously”, concludes the coach.

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