“Rueru coast to coast”. One hundred stories and a GPS device to tell the story of the area

Not only magnificent landscapes, wine is appreciated all over the world. In Piedmont, in the Roero region, the richness of the territory is also hidden in the stories of those who were born and raised in those regions. Yesterday is like today. Among the hills covered with vineyards and hazelnut trees, Aboriginal stories become the starting point to provide visitors with a unique travel experience. This is how the project was born.Ruero from coast to coast“, which is promoted by the Diocese of Alba and some local authorities with the aim of giving a voice to L human heritageThe social and historical expressed in that suggestive piece of land. During hundred interviewsThis initiative has made it possible to compose a digital column of life stories, which anyone wishing to explore this area can consult in entirely new ways.

Coast to Coast: The Project

with “Ruero coast to coastIn fact, to describe the idiosyncrasies of the place are not Tour guides Nor the usual brochures for unsuspecting visitors. Instead, it’s the people who live there who have those ridges in their DNA who talk. The project is designed – explain the organizers – to revitalize and protect non-material culture Associated with local heritage and traditions: a way to ensure the preservation of history and to open those areas to the future. Hundreds of stories submitted by as many as possible Indigenous storytellersIt can be searched for by some keywords, or by reference places. Four macro themes that focus on the details Narrative: Society and Solidarity, Daily Life, Art and Culture, Environment and Landscape.

GPS Narrator to discover the area

The peculiarity of the initiative is that soon travelers will be able to refer to the stories of “Ruero from coast to coast“In an innovative travel edition. One hundred interviews, currently available online, from the beginning of 2023 will in fact also be available through”GPS Narrator“: Kind of audiobook But it is geographically referenced. Thus, visitors to Roero and Langhe will be able to be guided by the recorded voices of the natives in correspondence with the places they have discovered and which they have also raised in audio support. The story of virtual companions (but basically more real than ever) can also be activated or stopped absolutely freely by users. The use of technology, in accordance with the intentions of the Council for the Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage of Piedmont, was the technique also chosen for the project.Churches with open doors“.

hundred stories

Those collected – you read a note – are “Stories of Yesterday and Today Are Largely Unpublished, Accompanied Photographic material and videos that enhance the past and create connections with the presentEvents that give voice to the world of faith, women, art, peasant life, folk traditions, and which smell of ancient recipes. Among the twists told are the story of the arrival of electric light in the town of Ruero or the story of a small wooden theater born in 1912 and activated by the local community , and again the story of the hymn of Roero born in 1996 on the occasion of a competition organized by the Knights of Saint-Michel Strange tales ready to accompany travelers among the wonders of a territory included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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