Roberto Maroni has passed away –

Together with Umberto Bossi he founded the League and dominated the political scene throughout the Second Republic. Robert MaroneyMinister several times in Berlusconi’s governments, Carroccio’s secretary and President of Lombardy, died today at the age of 6.

Maroni was born in 1966 in Varese to a family where his father works in a bank and his mother is a merchant. He spent his childhood and adolescence in a small provincial town called Lozza, but attended the classical secondary school Ernesto Cairoli in Varese where he discovered his passion for politics thanks to one of his Catholic Marxist teachers, Cesare Revelli. In 1971, only sixteen years old, Maroni served in a Marxist-Leninist group, but after 8 years the meeting with Umberto Bossi who changes his life: I was a young graduate who voted for proletarian democracy. A friend of mine told me there was an interesting guy I should meet. One evening I found myself at his house in Capolago, a small village in Varese. Talk about autonomy and federalism. I thought, This is crazy. I’m wasting time. But then he said he wanted to start a magazine. I proposed and the partnership was born.” The first Bossi Rally dates back to 1980 and was held in Como with only five auditors present: “Two spectators, two policemen and an MSI fascist, pretended to approach Umberto to shake hands and punch him.” On the other hand, Maroni was elected in 1985 as a city councilor Lombard League in Varese, but he made his debut only on the stage of the Northern League in 1990. His speech had a completely unexpected effect for him: “After 5 minutes of talking, people start looking around. After 10, they’re clearly at a loss. A quarter of an hour later, one of my departments gets up and says, ‘Excuse me Maroney…can I?’. ‘But really…'” he shouted. : “Let’s bring the southerners home!”.

Entry into Parliament and first experiences of government

After graduating in law from the University of Milan, Maroni became a lawyer and worked for several companies, including Roberto Calvi’s Banco Ambrosiano. However, political passion takes its place and is involved in the birth of the year 1989 Northern League. In 1992 he entered Parliament as a deputy and held the position of leader of the Lega group in Montecitorio. These are the golden years for the League that elects various mayors in the north, conquered cities such as Milan and Varese, where Maroni takes on the role of provincial councillor. Two years later, the centre-right coalition won politics and Bobo became deputy prime minister and Minister from the inside Which, first, does not have a Christian Democrat membership card. The government lasts only six months at the behest of Bossi, who robbed Berlusconi of confidence, although Maroni himself categorically opposed it, and separated from the League for a few months. Shortly after the 1995 administration, he published a letter acknowledging his mistake and returning to admitting the mistake. In 1996 he took up the cause of “separatism” imposed by Bossi, and when the police went to search the League’s headquarters in Via Bellerio in Milan to investigate the Padana National Guard, Maroni became the protagonist of a confrontation with an agent. Carroccio’s manager bites the policeman’s calf, but ends up with a broken nose and a four-month sentence for resisting and contempting a public official, but then everything will be reduced to a fine of about 5 thousand euros.

After the centre-right’s victory in the 2001 political elections, Maroni became Minister of Welfare in Berlusconi’s second government. That year he received a letter from one of his assistants, Marco Biaggi, who informed him that he had received serious threats to his person. Maroni takes steps to get him on guard, but unfortunately the labor lawyer is assassinated in Bologna by the new Red Brigades. The reform with which Maroni launched a decisive liberalization of the labor market will be called by his name. Another important initiative by No. 2 of the League is the so-called “Scalone”, that is, raising the retirement age from 57 to 60, a reform that, however, will be abolished by the second Prodi government. But in 2008, Maroni took over as Minister of the Interior and described his work as a fierce battle against illegal immigration and for the sake of freedom Security decrees Which, among various innovations, defines the neighborhood cop character and fan card.

Maronites, from Secretary of the League to Governor of Lombardy

In 2010, Malik Viminale participated in the program come away with me To refute the accusations made by Roberto Saviano in the same broadcast regarding the existence of Mafia infiltration within the League. So, in this period, Maroni gives life to the current of “Pabari’s Dream” that opposes the magic circle that revolves around Poussey who has become increasingly weak after the illness that struck him six years ago. In 2012, the “senator” flooded Belcito scandalHe resigns and Maroni takes over, shouting: “Cleaning and cleaning and cleaning without looking at anyone’s face.” would say: “Umberto Bossi is my brother who I will always carry in my heart. But today a new phase begins.” In politics for 2013, the League won 4%, while Maroni won the Regionals title in Lombardy, and just a year later, he left the party secretariat. The rudder passes to Matteo Salvini, who Maroni supports at first with conviction, but then skepticism towards the new course prevails. “Sovereignty? For me, sovereignty belongs to the people, and in this sense it suffices to be democratic to be sovereign. If instead – as Maroni said in the course of an interview – ‘sovereignty’ means nationalism and therefore centralization, as a good supporter of the Northern League I would say ‘no Thank you.” For the rest, I think “sovereignty” is a definition looking for an author: a new term is being sought now that Le Pen has declared the death of the body.”

Withdrawing from the political scene is a brain tumor

In 2018 Maroney announced that he did not want to return to the helm Lombardy region “For personal reasons”, but he is vehemently attacked by Minister Salvini who nips in the bud any aspiration of Bobo to become a minister if the center-right wins that year’s politics. If you quit your job in the Lombardy region, you obviously couldn’t do anything else in politicsThe leader of the Northern League will say. Maroni’s response will not take long:“I cannot bear to be treated in Stalinist ways and become a media target just because someone says I might be a risk-taker. I advise my secretary not only to remember what happened to Stalin and what happened to Lenin, but to re-read an old text by Lenin. Remember? Extremism is the disease of communism childish.”

Leaving active politics, Maroni begins to cooperate with the paper and with Huffington Post who runs his own blog for her. He dedicates himself to his family, to his wife Emilia Macchi and to his three children, without giving up his greatest passion: Milan and music. For more than thirty years, Maroni played the Hammond organ in the musical group of District 51. In 2020 he joined the board of directors of the San Donato group and announced his willingness to run for mayor of Varese in the following year’s administrative elections. However, he is then forced to withdraw his candidacy due to a brain tumor, which he undergoes major surgery only a few months later. In October 2021, he joined the staff of the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, to devote himself to the comparison of illegal employment. Kind of insulting to Salvini, even if Maroni asserts: “I no longer practice active politics, but as I said at the time of the crisis of Berlusconi’s first government, when I was a critic of Umberto Bossi, I am a supporter of the Northern League and will stay in the League as long as I live”.

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