Rick Grimes at the end of The Walking Dead? Speech launches the sub-presentation dedicated to the sheriff

Rick Grimes in finale the walking Dead? The hours pass quickly and in the end also in Italy many had the opportunity to watch the final season and the series, also discovering that in some moments the foundations were laid for the future of the world-famous franchise. Sunday’s final episode the walking Dead It concludes with an answer to the question that has plagued audiences for years: Will Rick Grimes return? at San Diego Comic-Con in July, Andrew Lincoln and Danny Gurira They announced that they would reunite for the Rick & Michonne show, which will air in 2023, and that was precisely the message that closed the series and launched the future.

Spoiler alert!

In the final episode titled “RIP”, in the final five minutes we find Rick and Michonne separated by time and distance, each writing letters to his friends and family in a voiceover: “I always think of the dead. And of the living I’ve lost”, with a montage of the faces of the dead in the series: Carl, Laurie, Shane, Dale, T-Dog. Herschel, Glenn, and the Neighborhoods: Daryl, Carol, Maggie.

On the flip side, Michonne writes to her children admitting that she called them on the radio knowing that the radio was long gone and they can’t hear it. The two know very well that they are related to their loved ones and after a novel that keeps switching their words, their words intertwine but without anything else, in fact, Michonne and Rick are not together in the same place, and a series of clues reveals that even the weather is different.

Rick’s belongings indicate that he now works at the Civic Republic Cull Facility, which are mass decontamination centers to clean up the walkers seen in the spin-off series. The Walking Dead: A World Beyond. On the riverbank, Rick walks barefoot among the pedestrians, folds the handwritten note, hides it in a glass bottle and throws it into the water when the helicopter blades catch his eye, and someone takes it away.

Rick is located off the coast of post-apocalyptic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: home to the Civil Republic. Will Michonne have to search and find him in the already announced spin-off?

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