Return to Monkey Island: Everything you need to know about the video game

one of Monkey Island is one of the most popular video game series of all time, featuring graphic adventures and a pirate theme of great charm. edited by Lucasfilm Games Since 1990 it is conceived Ron GilbertThis has had six titles so far, the first of which The secret of monkey island, in which Guybrush Threewood, a young man with a dark past, arrives on a small Caribbean island with a dream to come true: to become a pirate. Since then this game has been hailed as one of the best games of the 90’s. And now, a new chapter in the series is finally available: Return to Monkey Island.

It was from 2009, the year Monkey Island Tales That fans of the series didn’t have a new game to play. This new video game now relives the events of the epilogue Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, A good deal of it will be set during flashbacks. The new title therefore presents itself not only as a new adventure, but also as an opportunity to relive what happened in the previous chapters, solving hitherto unsolved mysteries and proposing a real nostalgic return to the dynamics that made the series so famous. between players.

During 2022, various samples were released, marking the publication. Return to Monkey Island It immediately sparked natural interest and what the developers revealed impressed everyone, garnering wide acclaim from critics and audiences. However, while waiting to be able to play it, it would definitely be worth delving into some of the more curious things related to this. By continuing here reading it will actually be possible to find more details related to Play And for him plot. The main ones will also be listed Control unit that would be possible to use, as well Exit dateThe price hey requirements.

Return to Monkey Island: Release date and consoles to play it

After it was announced in April 2022, fans of the series didn’t have to wait long before they could play Return to Monkey Island. It was developed in the strictest secrecy in the two years since then Two Boxes are awesomeIn fact, the game was released September 19, 2022 From Digital developer. From that moment on, the game is available to whoever owns it Microsoft Windows computersAnd the macOS and console Nintendo Switch. It is therefore possible to purchase it by going to the Nintendo Digital Store or on the platform steamwhere the game is for sale at a price 22.99 euros.

However, for PC, some requirements are naturally required, and they are necessary for the game to run at its best. For Windows, you must have an operating system Windows 10 operating system and a healer AMD FX-4300And the Intel Core i3-3240 or equivalent. It is also important that he be available 8 GB of RAM And the 4GB of the available space. For macOS, the same requirements described here apply, except for the video system, which obviously requires a Mac OS High Sierra or later.

Return to Monkey Island For PlayStation and Xbox

friends Play Station And the Xbox They will likely be disappointed to hear that there is currently no release planned for the game on these consoles. as it’s known, Return to Monkey Island Exclusive to Switch and PC. However, the developers have stated that over time the game could indeed be expanded to consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Ideally, you will be able to play a Return to Monkey Island on me Playstation 5 And the Xbox X/S.

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Return to Monkey IslandVideo game story and gameplay

as expected, Return to Monkey Island Features a story that partially picks up at the end LeChuck’s Revengebut also after the events of Monkey Island Tales. So we’re back to follow Guybrush’s journey to finally discover the secret of Monkey Island. Along the way, he revisits famous locations from the series, such as Mele Island and Monkey Island. However, the player also has the opportunity to discover islands that have not been explored before in previous games, such as the cold “Brr Muda” and the frightening “Island of Terror”.

The primary objective will be for the protagonist to face a new gang of pirates led by Captain Madison. Like its predecessors in the series, too Return to Monkey Island It is set up as a 2D point-and-click adventure game. The goal, then, is to continue the story by solving narrative-based puzzles. This can be done by exploring locations, talking to non-player characters for information, and collecting and using items at the right time. The player naturally controls the pirate Guybrush Threepwood, who sails the seas and visits islands.

However, the user interface is different from previous 2D games Monkey Island. Hints on on-screen hotspots guide the player’s actions: when the pointer is hovered over an interactive area of ​​the scene, a short sentence is displayed indicating what action Guybrush would do if clicked. The inventory uses a drag-and-drop interface to easily use and combine items, and the interface is designed to work with a controller or mouse. Therefore, this new chapter brings great news mixed with the historical characteristics of the series, which allows you to experience an additional sense of nostalgia and take part in this new video game.

Return to Monkey IslandVideo game trailer

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