repair work has started

> Park Street. Good news, rue du Parc, which runs past the Château de Jehay and leads to the Nationale (rue du Saule Gaillard), is being repaired. The works started on Wednesday, the signage had been there for a few days. “It’s a scrape lay, so the site should only last a few days, normally until November 30th. The street will be completely redesigned. The Château de Jehay remains accessible, except on the day of the paving,” explains Stéphanie Caprasse, alderman for the works. There is indeed money left in the road renovation budget to be able to do it. The construction site over 900 meters costs about 70,000 euros. “Everyone, and even the insurance companies, likes to follow up on the damage sometimes caused. »

And rue Trixhelette, which goes up towards Verlaine? “We haven’t talked about that yet, and it’s true that it’s in bad shape,” the alderman replies. “She is astride Verlaine, we have to save it. »

> Rue Mirlondaines. The elected officials decided during the city council on Tuesday to renovate rue Mirlondaines over 300 meters, “an advanced case”. The alderman added that sidewalks made of gray concrete slabs will be built. The cost of the work is 396,259 euros including VAT.

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