Reduce the excise tax, the full price will rise

We regret to tell you that As of December 1st, a full tank of gas will cost more. The Council of Ministers decided to approve a decree-law adding urgent provisions related to production fees and value-added tax on fuel, which would enhance support for local authorities and march areas affected by severe weather events.

Meloni’s government, in short, wants Reduce the excise tax deduction It was created by the previous Draghi government to quell increases in fuel prices. For gasoline and diesel, it looks like there will be a reduction in excise tax of 25 cents plus VAT to 15 cents plus VAT. For LPG, it will increase from 8.5 cents plus VAT to 5.1 cents plus VAT. This new reduction in excise taxes on fuel It will be in effect until at least December 31st: The government will then choose whether to continue with this trend or remove it altogether. Motorists would certainly not appreciate the new measure, even if it was known that the measure would be put aside sooner or later, because it was of a temporary and non-structural nature (which was said from the start).

From December 1, 2022, therefore, there must be An increase of 10 cents plus VAT on the price of petrol and diesel and 3.4 cents plus VAT on LPG. We have to deal with this new reality that will hit the pockets of Italians from the first of December. Perhaps it will be advised to fill up within this month to try to save more, knowing that the reduction in production fees will remain in place for some time (we cannot tell you exactly how long, even if at least until the 31 December things should remain the same as we described above) , even if in a short way.

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