Realme Pad, the KING of cheap tablets, is sold out on eBay (175 €)

Needless to bypass: If you’re looking for a cheap Android tablet, you won’t want to miss out on this excellent eBay deal pad area. In fact, on the occasion of cyber daysthe e-commerce giant puts the device at your disposal at a really reduced price: only 175 € with fast and totally free delivery.

Constructed from quality materials that see the use of a single aluminum body, just like the high-end tablets from Apple and Samsung, the Chinese giant’s device is ready to satisfy your personal needs in every way.

Amazing price on eBay for the budget tablet Realme Pad

realme pad ebay

If the design surprises for the quality of the materials used, the very valid 10.4-inch very high-resolution panel is absolutely no less; It’s the only tablet in this price range that reaches up to 2K, a perfect resolution for watching video content at the maximum resolution.

Under the hood, just a MediaTek octa-core processor with plenty of RAM can be available to instantly launch any apps you need, while the 7100mAh battery with fast-charging technology offers many hours of use, compared to just a 20-minute charge.

Unsatisfied? No problem: Realme Pad assembles a surprising audio system that envisages the use of up to four speakers with Dolby technology for a listening experience that will leave you speechless with deep, enveloping bass and excellent equalization.

I mean what are you waiting for? Grab this eBay deal that gives you the chance to get Realme’s super cheap tablet straight to your home with no shipping costs.

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