Quick controls for apps are also available in Android Auto

Developers Team Android Auto He continues to work on improving this platform, whose users are eagerly awaiting the release of the dubbed update Cool Walkthat should revolutionize the public experience.

Thus, among the innovations that will be implemented, we also find one that mainly concerns vehicles that can count on a smaller screen: users will, in fact, be able to count on New taskbar option.

A small and convenient new feature is coming to Android Auto

Practically speaking, Coolwalk Android Auto users will have the opportunity to take advantage of a special option to show or hide Quick settings for applications.

This means that various buttons will be displayed in the system tray depending on the status, such as those for managing the song that is currently playing if there is a music player running in the background or directions if navigation is active and on screen the media player is open.

The new option in Android Auto settings should only be available for screens with resolutions lower than Full HD (1080p) while all higher resolution displays should have the app bar vertically on the edge of the screen.

We remind you that the new Coolwak interface is still in the testing phase and at the moment there is no information about when it will be available to all Android Auto users.

Among the main innovations it will bring are a streamlined interface designed to reduce distractions, a more modern multimedia player, improved management of different applications, transition from one application to another, design elements typical of Material You and the ability to resize the window assigned to maps.

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