Qualcomm, the PC revolution can wait. Of Oryon we only know the name

There will be no new ARM computing platform for 2023: The Snapdragon 8CX Gen 3, announced last year and used by Microsoft in both Project Volterra and on the new Surface (under the name SQ3), will remain the reference platform for those in 2023 you’ll want to produce Computers with an ARM processor on board.

Qualcomm tells us that the important thing is to develop the ecosystem and try to create more native applications that can take advantage of the advantages of in-processor modules, especially those related to machine learning. The example comes from the Surface Pro 9, which uses Snapdragon’s Hexagon to blur the background during conferences on Teams and to reduce noise during voice calls.

The big news from Qualcomm at the Snapdragon Summit regarding the PC world with ARM is Partnership with Adobe: The American company has publicly announced its intention to bring the entire Creative Suite to Windows on ARM.

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are already available, while Acrobat and Fresco will also arrive in 2023. For more complex applications like Premiere or After Effects, it will take some time, but it will show.

And what happened to Novia?

We know that in 2021 Qualcomm bought one of the most promising startups in the world of CPUs, Nuvia. Nuvia was founded by the same team that laid the foundation for Apple’s processors at the time, and when it was acquired by Qualcomm, the company was working on a custom core based on ARM instructions called Phoenix, which would be used inside a data center SoC called Orion.

The entry into play of a consumer company like Qualcomm has clearly shifted efforts from data centers to the consumer realm, and that has also led to a lawsuit between ARM and Qualcomm since September.

ARM earthquake: according to Qualcomm, it wants to make manufacturers pay for licensing (by raising prices)

Go deep

We only know the name of the next CPU: Oryon

Qualcomm at the Snapdragon Summit announced the name of the following CPU for laptops: It will be called Oryon. The name indicates that the Orion that Nuvia used in its SoC, in fact in the case of Qualcomm Oryon it would only be the name of the core CPU.

Qualcomm told us that the first samples of the new SoC will be sent to partners by the end of the year but after that we don’t know anything: Nothing about performance, nothing about structure, nothing about architecture. Everything moves to 2023, if all goes well: in fact, there is a shadow of the lawsuit on Nuvia and on Nuvia projects used by Qualcomm.

Yesterday, at the moment when Cristiano Amon started talking about the new Snapdragons on stage, ARM released the document with which it responds to Qualcomm.

A difficult document, as it shows he didn’t want to move an inch on his ideas: Qualcomm should have asked ARM for permission to acquire Nuvia projects developed under the license Nuvia had with ARM prior to the acquisition. Did not, and now Qualcomm He must destroy Novia’s plans.

Almost ready projects for the Oryon processor, the future of which depends more on the Court than on Qualcomm itself.

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