Qualcomm announces the Snapdragon 782G: Nothing revolutionary compared to the 778G Plus

Without much fanfare, Qualcomm announced its release new slide who will replace him Snapdragon 778G Plus: Let’s talk about the mobile platform Snapdragon 782G. The all-new chip brings improvements in CPU, boosting performance from 2.5GHz to 2.7GHz over its predecessor. However, the news does not stop at a 5% improvement in CPU performance: in fact, Qualcomm has stated that The GPU will be 10% faster than the Snapdragon 778G Plus processor.

Otherwise, no big news. In fact, the new Snapdragon 782 G shares much of the same architecture as its predecessor. In fact, it is a 6nm chip with Kryo 670 and Adreno 642L processor (just like the 778G Plus). Anyway, the company has highlighted the strengths of the new product, such as Performance amplification, improved AI, and simultaneous capture from three cameras With up to 2Gbps and seamless connection support for mmWave and Sub-6GHz frequencies.

Qualcomm also mentioned other features that may be particularly interesting, Including the ability to capture HDR10+ video, Bluetooth 5.2 audio, and burst capture at 120fps. As for which smartphone this chip will appear on, there is no news yet.

However, there are speculations that an unreleased Snapdragon could power the new device Honor 80 (Which must be submitted today, November 23).

Finally, last week, Qualcomm finally presented its new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 premium processor, which has many innovative specifications, such as WiFi 7 and a really important increase in power.

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