Pupo against Andrea Scanzi after provoking Otto E Mezzo on the right of centre

a message from Baby Reverse Andrea ScanziThis morning comes after the statements made by the journalist during an episode Half past eight Aired last night, Wednesday, November 23rd.

Andrea Scanzi on citizenship income

The topic covered was maneuvering, a topic that Skanzi was particularly keen to focus on basic income That the Meloni government has touched by proposing a transitional measure scheduled for 2023 that could replace it in 2024. More so, the Minister for Education and Merit Joseph Valetara He proposed removing the benefit from all citizens who did not fulfill itSchool commitment“.

A new group Andrea Scanzi has criticized against it, more generally a right-of-center stomp whose existence he questions “unprepared characters”. Reporter, regarding a study Lily GrouperHe said:

Meloni has done this business of demolishing basic income for two reasons: First, it is partyis the science of the Five Star Movement, we bomb it.”

Provocation against Bobo and Bovia

For Skanzi, maneuvering is a movement in a manner The opposite of Robin HoodBecause it benefits the rich more than the needy. That is why the journalist took a quote from BersaniPresent in the study that the politician quoted from the Greek poet Antiochus Hesiod.

I heard Bersani quoting Hesiod. In the Italian centre-right, there’s already a lot if they knew Bovea And the BabyNot to mention reading Hesiod.”

Bobo responded against Andrea Scanzi

Bobo responded via social media to Andrea Scanzi by rejecting the provocation with these words:

“Andrea Scanzi, your quote to Otto E Mezzo was not nice and does not do justice to your intelligence. It is these behaviors that keep Italians left.”

For now, Povia hasn’t responded, let alone Andrea Scanzi continues to rant on social media.

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