PS5 Used Rating From GameStop, Console Value

Now that the PS5 availability issue has been completely overcome, initiatives to buy the latest Sony home console are on the rise. You can also make your own at the GameStop specialty store Evaluation of used consoles Accumulate purchase credits for new hardware. When referring to returned models, the terms are different. All of these are detailed below.

Before going into the specific terms of the trade-in program, only the following points need to be clarified. Collection consoles must be intact, untampered, and functional Of course, complete with original controller and cables. Reverting the sales package is not required, but desirable. It’s clear.

Considering buying a new PS5, we’ll start by evaluating the oldest Sony console. €130 for PS4 and €150 for PS4 Slim. These two models guarantee greater credit value than you’d expect from corresponding Microsoft devices. In fact, the trade-in program is also relevant for Xbox console owners. A used Xbox One has a value of €70, while an Xbox One S will return €90.

The evaluation program is not limited to Sony and Microsoft consoles, but also applies to the models listed above. Even someone who owns a Nintendo Switch can request a used evaluation, giving them convenient credit to buy his new PS5. Anyone who brings a Nintendo Switch to a retail store can earn €160 in credits (So ​​the total is even higher than the PS4 total). Also for the owners of Nintendo’s solution, those who still own a Switch Lite can benefit from the convenient figure of 90 euros considering his new PS5 purchase.

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