Privacy: Android will also let you know if you have an AirTag in your bag

With the arrival of AirTags and SmartTags, the Bluetooth tracker market for object location detection Renewed interest in 2021. Concerns about fraudulent use of such devices quickly arose, prompting Apple to drop its tracker detection app on Android late last year.

According to 9to5Google, Google has been working since mid-March to bring a built-in tracker detection feature directly to Android. This novelty will be integrated into Google Play Services, providing compatibility with many devices, Even old and without the need to install external applications.

notification on the phone

The site specializing in the latest version of Google Play Services has found a series of characters that leave no room for doubt. We can read that Google will consider adding a notice for “Unknown tracker detected”. Three types of devices are named: Airtags, Tiles, and Finder Tags.

Once a tracker has been detected, it will also be possible to make it ring to better locate it and thus get rid of it.

Of course, this is a feature that’s still in development, so it’s not yet clear what form it will take. Will the user have to manually activate the scan or will it be background protection, as is the case with iPhones? To this day it is impossible to know.

As 9to5Google points out, given the very real risks that come with these devices, it would be ideal for the respective brands (Samsung, Apple, Tile) to agree on an interoperability standard between their trackers.

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