Preview of the new Google app: what it will be like with Material You

Over the past year, Google has committed itself to achieving more and more material you Its proprietary applications with alternative solutions Graphs That makes it more homogeneous, like it or not user interface.

Even here over the past months we have seen access Search And in conclusion explore From Site names And the Favorite icon The biggest plus one graphics More modern and readable, without forgetting the bottom bar in Gmail, narrower and without borders attachments for icons.

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But now, thanks to the guys from 9to5Googlewe can take a look at new design From the Google app, which was the latest beta version of it analyze And it was activated New interface It is still developing.

The first change that catches the eye is the new one bottom bar (photo below on the right), where active tab It is marked b Pill-shaped indicator. Tape left over same height And unlike Gmail, it still shows a pointers.

It is possible that this part will come before release Modified to hire one More inline style With other Google apps, as well as Cursor colorwhich should theoretically follow the ui theme according to the i settings Dynamic colors served with Android 12.

else they change The material you modeled is about Settings From the application, where we can notice a greater similarity with settings out of order. Now already head It’s bigger, there’s a bean-shaped search bar, and there’s more space between the different settings. Also for each entry there is a summary a description, Which helps users find what they are looking for.

inside Single entriesThen I look New buttons From version 3 of Material You, a first for a proprietary app from Google.

Recall that the new google apps Underway development And you can’t see the new interface, which may receive more changes, just by installing beta.

Anyway, it feels like home Mountain view On the right track, it will only launch the Updated version From its sixth application We will update right away, so keep following us!

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