Polls are also available on WhatsApp Web, and how to create them

Without any other exceptions and limits, the surveys have also arrived on WhatsApp Web and are very easy to create. In recent weeks, we have witnessed the gradual and slow spread of the functionality to iPhones and then to Android smartphones. Again, the choice also came for a desktop version of the service for Windows PC. Only the web app was missing and this solution wasn’t long in coming. We also got confirmation of full posting of this feature from well-known whistleblower WABetaInfo which attests to the step forward made globally.

Those who have already started using WhatsApp surveys on their smartphone will probably find it More convenient to follow their creation on WhatsApp Web. From a computer screen it will certainly be more practical to create your own surveys with relevant questions and answers that will be presented to the interviewees.

How to create polls from WhatsApp Web

Where do you start creating one or more WhatsApp Web polls? The procedure is very similar to the one done on Android smartphones. By putting yourself in an individual or group chat, you’ll have a go on the paperclip icon next to the text entry bar. By clicking on it, the poll icon, represented by a histogram, will be displayed next to several already known functions such as sharing a contact, position, photo or voice note.

So existing polls can be created as follows on WhatsApp Web. The first thing to do is write down the question you want to ask the interviewees. Then, you can point to a file Answer options up to 12. The last step is to simply submit the survey in the chat. When contacts begin to respond, it will always be possible to access a report of the comments given to make decisions or simply to understand what the opinions of friends, relatives, colleagues or simple acquaintances are.

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