Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Get Ditto (eggs) and Coinamulet (money)

sRich like Briatore and full of eggs like Francesco Amadori: here’s how to get Ditto and Monetamulet in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Every player in the series Pokemon Self-esteem wants to know how to get its “little things” before resting on its laurels, and it so happens that samples of As previously and the tool monitamullet In the same area as scarlet and violet;. For the rest, nothing unites them: our guide takes two bedovs with one stone precisely because there is little distance to go to get both. Be warned, though: you can expect quite a bit of hitting if your team drops too much below Level 30. Don’t worry, we know how to help you. ¡Famonos!

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First point: What is this blessed region Which unites Ditto and Monetamulet’s tool Pokemon scarlet and violet? The element in question is something we’ll get to at the end. But if you’re looking for the gelatinous creature, there are two cases. Either you want an impostor on your team, or (more likely) you want to open a Poké-baby factory. Below we have included a photo a map (Which we advise you to deactivate auto-rotate by pressing the right stick), so you should start setting your destination now. He cut a straight path through the city Mystoriaavoid any conflict a priori.

Tools of the Trade – Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Ditto and Monetamult Guide

When leaving the populated center where you will later get your Monetamulet, head to the bottleneck: this is where you are most likely to run into Dittos of Pokemon scarlet and violet. If you’re (as we assume you are) below the level we advised earlier, you might want to stock up pokey dolls before you start. However, stay tuned Creatures that behave differently from others. Persians (or Vigoroths below), for example, are almost always aggressive; Those who run…well, they’re not Persian. a look with the left trigger (ZL) and throw a poke ball (ZR extension) Once you find the fraudster.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Get Ditto (eggs) and Coinamulet (money)

Like This and Any Show – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Ditto and Monetamult Guide

Naturally, we were able to bring up the name of the stink in question because we already had one specimen. However, if you have already captured the rest of the local fauna, it will display as a “???” The name of the Pokémon has already been caught, which is another clue. unfortunately for you, Also visit He defends the same hunting area by disguising himself as other animals: you will have to go a little bit by trial and error. The positive note, in all of this, is that you have three strategies for picking it up: do it all in one velox ballarea A Pokémon that another team member is strong against…or Use the same thing elseIf you are looking for spare parts. Thus, no one should fall in battle (and you will not lose valuable experience points).

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Get Ditto (eggs) and Coinamulet (money)

Alexa, turn on the ‘Hot Night’ playlist – Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Guide to Ditto and Coinamulet

At this point, you’ll want to know, properly, How to give pokemon intimacy. Unlike what has been seen in the past, Baldia has no private pensions where the two can be left for the joy of childbearing. Don’t despair: you have the tools you need from the start of the game. Just make sure that only the newlyweds are on your team e Open a picnic in an open space. Check constantly wicker basket on the floor (not the one at the table) And “as if by magic”, the puppies will also arrive sooner or later. Make sure to eat before a delicacy with attachment Egg powerbut.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Get Ditto (eggs) and Coinamulet (money)

Money money money

Now that we’re done with the problem as before, let’s see how to get the monitamullet in Pokemon scarlet and violet. The city of Mastoria hosts two different Pokemon centers: we started from the western center, but we will have to go to the other end of the city to find Pokémon League representative. He will reward us with the tool in question, to stay To at least one member of the team who participates in the battle to double the profits… as long as we can win first Five buses from District 3 West. Catch One square footage of an egg And you will hatch it Wandering!

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Get Ditto (eggs) and Coinamulet (money)

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