PlayStation VR2 for sale on Amazon but the ads are fake. DDAY reports and removes Amazon

Pre-orders for PlayStation VR2, the second generation of Sony’s virtual reality viewer, which will be on sale from February 2023, began on November 15th. Immediately, some sellers took the opportunity to update their ad titles to include references to the new sightings; But behind the name PlayStation VR2, there was the first generation for sale that hit the market in 2016.

This allowed these ads to be displayed when a user searched for “Playstation VR2” on Amazon and then Get to see more.

After reporting by, Amazon has moved on Remove these sales ads Because it provided misleading information.

We work hard to create a trusted shopping experience and protect consumers, sales associates, and Amazon from fraud and abuse, and we have systems in place to detect suspicious behavior.An Amazon spokesperson said in a statement sent to are currently investigating and will take appropriate action if necessary“.

respective lists They sold PlayStation VR individually or in kits With accessories, such as controllers, or additional games. The games listed were equally recent: from Resident Evil 7 (2017) to Marvel’s Iron Man VR (2020).

Another example of an ad, in this German case, that offered Amazon the title “PlayStation VR2,” but sold a 2016 headset

Therefore, a careful eye can tell right away that something wasn’t right because there was so much inaccurate information; Conversely, the inattentive eye can also believe, by virtue of the news circulating in the press, that the new viewer may fall into a trap.

Of course, Amazon’s return policy would have done the rest: the user would have returned the product and would have been refunded within a few days. However, positioning in the search key was clearly in favor of dishonest retailers and could still have forced users to undergo an additional procedure, the return procedure, which is entirely avoidable.

Amazon enters

The Amazon platform is self-service: This means that sellers act independently, even if they must comply with the terms set out in the Terms and Conditions of Use to be on the Amazon-provided marketplace.

In other words: on paper, sellers follow behaviors that are within the box required by the market owner; In practice, some vendors are trying every possible way to circumvent the systems, as was the case with PlayStation VR2.

Amazon provides some automated checks, but some cases can get away with fads sometimes. This means that in these cases, when Amazon receives a report, it can only then intervene to remove misleading and misleading ads that do not comply with the platform’s policies.

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