Pixel Dynamic Color themes come on smartphones from other manufacturers

One of the main new features of the program Android 12 It is the dynamic appearance of the interface material you. For now, it’s still exclusive to Pixel models, though Google has revealed that it will soon be expanded to a growing list of Android devices.

Among them are smart phones Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and OnePlusAnd the Alive and Realmewho will get the new option soon. However, the official launch date of the new feature has not been decided yet.

Google also showed a preview (shown in the image above) of several Android phones running the Gmail app with the new color theme option.

Android Product Manager Rohan Shah also revealed that Google is working with several manufacturers to ensure APIs work consistently across the Android ecosystem.

A recent report by AndroidPolice suggests that Material You-style dynamic themes may soon become a standard requirement for all phones running Android 12.

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