pCloud, anything but a historic low: save over €1,000

Are you looking for a file Cloud storage for lifeFull of benefits and features and no hidden extra costs? It’s the right time to take advantage of this amazing offer pCloud Launched on the occasion of the week dedicated to Black Friday: Up to 85% off In all her plans for life. Excellent price for one of the leading platforms in the cloud storage sector, certainly one of the cheapest and best value for money.

All features and benefits

pCloud is a company born in 2013 from the idea of ​​a young and dynamic team based in Switzerland. Since then, his show has grown exponentially, to the point where it has become one of the The world’s leading cloud storage services: It is no coincidence that it has been chosen by many companies, including Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Integration with as many devices as possible is a strong point of pCloud, as it provides a complete interface easy to use Very easy to use, even for inexperienced users. Once your files or backups are uploaded to the cloud, they will be instantly synced between all devices: this allows the user to have Access at any time For all your photos, videos, documents or audio, whether you’re connecting with your mobile phone or your computer.

there Complete and absolute management Uploaded content is the leader in pCloud. There is not a single action that the user does not fully control, whether it be searching (by name or filtered by type) or restoring a previous version of a file in case of erroneous modifications. On top of that, the dashboard (or app) becomes convenient sometimes Integrated media playerwhere you can watch videos and listen to music – complete with playlists.

multiple Sharing options Describe the “open” nature of pCloud and contribute to making it a truly effective service even for those not registered with the platform. In fact, it is possible to share any type of file through shared folders and shared links, but also file requests (which will be uploaded directly to the user account without access) and direct links, a function that allows you to use pCloud as hosting service For static HTML sites or embed images.

Another important aspect related to safety. uses pCloud TLS/SSL certificates on each file before transferring it from the device to the server. Moreover, the data is uploaded to no less than three different servers, to ensure more security. Each file is protected by 256-bit AES encryptionHowever, you can add an extra layer of security by purchasing the pCloud Crypto option separately.

How much does pCloud cost? Offer at 85% off

pCloud is suitable not only for many features, but also for Very competitive price. Thanks to the offer proposed on the occasion of Black Friday, savings are guaranteed: the price is thus reduced by up to 85% compared to the list price, reaching one of Historic bottoms for the platform. 500 GB package discounted Only 139 euros (instead of 570), while 2 TB At a price of 279 euros instead of 1150. Finally there is the 10TB plan, which drops to 890 euros instead of 6000. Promotion will expire in a few days: secure your personal cloud storage today at this link, without subscription And there are no additional hidden costs forever.

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