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Many telephone operators from time to time adjust their rates, make changes and in the last few hours on a team WINDTER I made a change to the official website which, however, will not take effect immediately.

In fact, the famous telephone operator has included the so-called “ISTAT clause”any clause will have its effects starting from From January 2024 And only for new customers.


In the general conditions for mobile offers, the following can be read:

Customer acknowledges and agrees that, From January 2024in the event of a positive annual change in the national FOI consumer price index recorded by ISTAT in October of the previous year, WINDTRE has the right to increase the monthly price of the service by a percentage equal to the change in this index or at any rate equal to at least 5% Where this difference is less than that percentage. The amendment, applied during the first quarter of each year, does not constitute a contractual amendment pursuant to Art. 2.4 of these General Conditions, therefore, does not give the Customer the right to withdraw from the Contract without costs.

The amount of the monthly price for the service, after adjustment, can be rounded to the nearest euro cent.

WINDTRE reports this amendment annually on its website and with publication in a national newspaper in the preceding seven days.

Also in the General Conditions of the Fixed Network, WINDTRE made a clause regarding the possibility of increasing the price of tariffs based on the trend “From the FOI National Consumer Price Index recorded by ISTAT” and always starting from January 2024.

The telephone operator would like to point out that this possible price adjustment will not be considered one of those contractual changes in which customers will be able to exercise their right of withdrawal without costs or penalties.

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