Paul Magnet thinks it’s hard to fight urban rodeos in Charleroi, where these nighttime gatherings have multiplied lately

Over the past few months, this phenomenon has been noticeable in Charleroi in certain areas, which have occasionally become the scene of important nighttime rallies of cars.

According to the council member who questioned the mayor, Carollo, these gatherings generate a chain of inconveniences: creaking tires, waste and even deterioration around the businesses that occupy these areas.

In the face of this rodeo, the police are having difficulties with an event that has no concrete organization and which is likely to move quickly, as explained by Mayor Carollo. He specified that a major control operation had already been carried out in Charleroi a few months earlier.

Paul Magnet also noted that for Hino Prefecture, the issue is now being dealt with by the Federal Police Coordinating Director, who must ensure an integrated approach to combating these gatherings. In a few weeks, according to the mayor, it could return with additional measures taken by police districts.

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