Passwords: Over 50 million stolen since the beginning of the year

Meanwhile 2022 almost done, cybercriminals seem to have been particularly busy with it password theft. This is clear from the report prepared by the researchers Group IBthat they have identified 34 groups of Russian cybercriminals what by the unfortunately well-known info-stealers racoon and Red lineThey have over 50 million passwords stolen in the first seven months of the current year.

Passwords: more than 50 million stolen with Raccoon and RedLine since early 2022

More specifically, cyber criminals operate through telegram groups with an average of 200 subscribers. The main goals were those PayPal, Amazon, Steam, Roblox and Epic Games accounts. Redline, Raccoon and others.

RedLine was used by 23 of the 34 groups, while 8 of them chose Raccoon. The other 3 opted for a personalized info-stealer instead. Keep in mind that such malware is usually offered on a subscription basis (at a price of around $150-200/month) and exploited together with others.

They are infected over 890,000 devices and the most affected country of all is gli United States (91,565 passwords). L’Italy in tenth place (21,343 passwords). More than two billion cookies, more than 103,000 payment details and more than 113,000 cryptocurrency wallets have been stolen using info-stealers.

To avoid password theft, it undoubtedly makes sense to resort to using a good password manager that is not only able to store them in the best possible way, but also to warn of security problems, like the widely appreciated NordPass.

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