Parma expands Genoa, Palermo folds Reggina

Frosinone leads more and more firmly after their final victory in Como. Genoa, who lost to Parma, and Reggina, who lost to Palermo, are holding back. Sudtirol won in Pisa and secured fourth place. In the lower rankings, it was an important win for Perugia, who asphalted Brescia and made it out of the play-out area.

But let’s analyze this day 23 match of the Cadet Tournament. Modena And Cagliari, the Emilia canaries, outscored the Sardinians thanks to goals from Tiau in the 25th minute and Bonfanti in the 83rd minute from a penalty kick. Frosinone Liquidate the “como practice” in the first 30 minutes. First Mazzitelli and him 14 minutes, then Caso and 26 minutes. Led by coach Fabio Grosso, the team is a real steamroller.

Instead, the match between Cosenza and San Vito Marulla between Ternana ended goalless (0-0), a match with little emotion. The team, led by Andreazzoli, is now eighth in the standings (playoff area) with this result, but now in the city of Umbria, the attention of fans is also on the latest and most delicate corporate event. .

a Bari Corsair conquers “Paolo Mazza” by defeating Spar in a 4-3 fireworks result. Puglia also risked a tie in the final with a three-goal Ferrara comeback after his side led 4–1 with him. Bari scored two goals each in Forolunxo in the 20th minute, Esposito in the 26th minute, Cedilla in the 56th minute and Antenucci in the 67th minute, while the Ferrara players scored two goals each with his Moncini in the 62nd minute, Nainggolan in the 81st minute and 83rd minute. with Celia. Needless to say, it is definitely a spectacular race for football lovers. Numerous complaints from the coach at Sparhouse Daniele De Rossithundered against the club at the end of the match, expressing dissatisfaction with how the January transfer market had played out.

important success for Venice Who will conquer ‘Vigorito’ at the expense of Benevento: 2-1 result, Pierini in the 3rd minute, Pogampalo’s goal in the 70th minute in favor of Lagoon, and Giallorossi Samnites’ Tello goal in the 45th minute interspersed. The coach was forced to the bench due to an internal defeat of the Campania players Fabio Cannavarowas replaced by Roberto Stellone.

A positive streak continues south tyrol weblog Visori wins the Garibaldi Arena Pisa A Berardinelli goal made it 1–0 in the 11th minute of the first half and Tuscany never recovered.a Perugia In a positive series, he beat Brescia 4–0 with a goal from Santoro in the 40th minute, Casozola doubled from a penalty in the 48th minute, Couan scored the third goal in the 52nd minute, Angela We quadrupled the score in the 74th minute.

lastly Citadel A goal from Crociata in the first half and two goals from Antonucci in the second gave them a 3–0 win over Ascoli. As replacements, it will be a three-way race with the names of Diego Lopez-Lopez, Roberto Breda and Gigi Di Biagio back. Let’s see.

fall heavily Genoa At Tardini, Parma: With a score of 2-0, the Emilians are back in seventh place in the play-off area alongside Ternana. Benediczak scored in the 32nd minute and Vázquez scored twice from a penalty kick in the 53rd minute.Coach Rossoble after the game Alberto Girardino He took full responsibility for the defeat.

lose it too Regina 2-1 “Favorite”. A success that pushed Palermo to his 6th place in the playoffs his area with his 34 points. Reggina is still stuck in his third place with 39 points, but is starting to feel the breath in his 38 Styrol and his 36 Bari neck. In the 76th minute against Marconi, but in the 81st minute Soleri scored the winning goal for the Sicilians.

On day 23, Mr. Fabio Grosso’s Frosinone was increasingly confirmed to lead. His second place in the uncertain at this point, including Genova and Reggina losing out to Stirol and Bari, a short top and bottom ranking, a truly captivating championship finale awaits. Perugia temporarily crit out of his zone. All teams will have to test the validity of new signings after the end of the January transfer market.


Modena-Cagliari 2-0
Benevento-Venice 1-2
Cittadella-Ascoli 3 – 0
Cosenza-Ternana 0-0
Perugia v Brescia 4-0
Pisa v South Tyrol 0-1
Suparubari 3-4
Como Frosinone 0-2
Parma v Genoa 2-0
Palermo Reggina 2-1


Frosinone 51
Genova 40
Regina 39
South Tyrol 38
Bali 36
Palermo 34
Palma 33
Ternina 33
Cagliari 32
Pisa 31
Modena 31
Palma 30
Citadel 27
Perugia 26
Ascoli 26
like 26
Brescia 25
Spar 24
Venice 24
Benevento 23
Cosenza 22

the next round

Genova – Palermo
Brescia – Modena
Cagliari Benevento
Frosinone Cittadella
Reggina Pisa
Styrol Como
Ascoli – Perugia
Ternata Palma
Bali Cosenza

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