Pack everything and it costs very little (€22)

Why have multiple chargers when with just one you can power back all your devices? Do you think he is? Put this in your cart now 65W USB charger for only € 22.99, Instead of € 35.99, by applying the coupon on the page.

Before it’s too late I’ll tell you right away that this is aflash show. The demands are very high and the time available for their purchase is short. So if you don’t want to miss out, head straight to Amazon. You will have the option to download Up to three devices simultaneously And somehow are fast. It is very compact, so it takes up very little space, and I can take it with me all the time. This is truly an offer not to be missed.

65W USB Charger: Ultra-compact and versatile

This is a 3 in 1 charger. Already own Two USB-C ports it’s a USB-A port. This will allow you to quickly charge up to three devices simultaneously. Thanks to new technology, he managed to achieve a lot More efficient In terms of charging by reducing the temperature rise. This also reduces consumption and increases security for connected devices.


The chip with which it is equipped can recognize the connected device and thus adjust the voltage Best guarantee. It supports QC charging with which you will be able to see the battery is fully charged in a flash. He is able to reload almost everything: Smartphones and tablets smart watches, Headphones And the laptops. One device that you can keep in your pocket to recharge whatever you want.

Today is an exceptional show. Many will want it, and since it’s a fast-paced show, you have to be really quick. Go to Amazon now and buy yours 65W USB charger for only € 22.99, instead of € 35.99, by applying the coupon on the page. For Prime subscribers, delivery is fast and free across the country.

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