P2C: 13th Day Model Team, Club Echoes and Scorers Ranking

Who accompanies Charlie Konstantinidis in this week’s record team? -JT

P2C: 13th Day Model Team, Club Echoes and Scorers Ranking

Posted on Tue, Nov 22, 2022 at 1:58 pm

by Timur Ducarme

Earth tour

Underloes. Beurant and Bresson must return on the journey to the Freudchapelle. Mauro, Schmid, Hadji and Pepe are still on the sidelines.

Beaumont. Both disqualified for two yellow cards to Sniff, Boli and Vanchik Rozelles will not face. Vivit will start with a two-match ban. Yahya will do the opposite. Beaumont will go to Geli this Saturday, to face a mix between the P1 and P4 cores, and will receive the P1 from Solre-sur-Sambre the following Tuesday, for friendlies.

Chapel. Participating in the Hino Cup on Saturday (8:00 pm), you will face Chappelle Hodding. Given the many absentees, Remy Di Nolfo will take the opportunity to rotate his group.

Erpion. Pérot, still injured, will not travel to Thuin. Dubrocq, on the other hand, will return from suspension.

Fountain. After this coming weekend, everyone has to transfer to MSM College.

Francesnes. If injured, El-Sawalmi will likely not resume competition before the start of the second round. Arikan is also down to earth.

Gerbenice. Giuseppe Di Maggio is hopeful that Schellens and Berdois will return to move to Chapelle. Evrard has resumed training, but it’s still too early to see him start the match.

Jumet. Bodson was rested last Sunday with a minor injury, and Bodson should be back in the group against Sniff for the Hino Cup on Saturday (8:00pm). Luca Rizzo also thanked Jonathan Houtman for the bipolar repair at Nalin.

Morlanwells. De Vitto and Biyo’O Biyo’O received the card a lot and won’t face Nalinnes, as did Alar (two matches suspended) and Lema (four matches). Moureau does the opposite. Brundle has resumed group training. Morlanwelz receives Luingne at the Hainaut Cup on Saturday (7:00pm).

MSM College. Iovine and Broison will return from suspension against Fontaine. Mirzada will do the opposite while Venkart recovers from his injury.

nalines. Lenoir (knee), Dalvett (groin contracture), Vanveltheim (adductors) and Gonzalez (contracture) were all injured during the match against Joumet. Roman Severino hopes to be back in two weeks to visit Morlanwells.

Try again. The return of Tsulu (injury) and Sedan (off) against Frassens.

rosacea. Pizzinato, Mabbour, and Gille have received too many cards and will be suspended for the trip to Beaumont. Algon is back from vacation. After being available with his studies, Duzot resumed training for two weeks.

Sniff. Vanellemich, the regular goalkeeper, who will not be available this weekend, just like the goalkeepers from P4, Sniff will have to field a field player between the poles on Saturday (8:00 pm) at the Hainaut Cup in Jomet, where the team will travel two consecutive weeks ( in the cup and then in the league).

Thawne. Thomas Lecotte will be hopeful that Van Dam (who is back in training after a calf injury) and Lozzi (a sore calf) will return against Irbion.

Top scorers ranking

17 goals: Croix (Rozelles) +5.

11 goals: La Rosa (Chapel) +1.

8 goals: Dosogne (Erpion), Barboni (Roselies), Barba (Snef) +3.

7 goals: From Vito (Morlanwells), Flinner (Underlows), Morali (Sniff).

6 goals: Viera-Perez (Jumet), Wacnik (Froidchapelle) +1, and Contino (Roselies) +1.

5 goals: Pérot (Erpion), Rosamilia (Morlanwelz), Toussaint (Gerpinnes), Arikan (Frasnes), Arslan (Thuin), Ziat (Fontaine) +1, Deliboyraz (Ressaix) +1, Erroui (Ressaix) +1, Olivier (Snef) +1.

4 goals: Mucci (Morlanwelz), Spitaels (Morlanwelz), Delhaye (Snef), Alexis (Snef) +2, Cordaro (Chapelle), W. Boussim (MSM College), Solfrini (MSM College) +1, De Ridder (Frasnes), Alves Rosa (Anderlues), Q. Poucet (Froidchapelle), Cinello (Thuin), Wallemme (Thuin) +1, Neukermans (Fontaine) +1, Boreanaz (Jumet) +1, M. Giraudon (Erpion) +1.

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