P2B – Villiers appear after a crazy match! (+ videos to target)

Amazing duel. – Cb

P2B – Villiers appear after a crazy match! (+ videos to target)

Posted on Sunday, November 20, 2022 at 8:03 pm

Villiers La Fil

Lime galore

Objectives : 15 Ondobo (0-1), 27 Van Roy (1-1), 45 De Plots (1-2), 60 Van Roy (2-2), 74 Dresse (2-3), 86 and 90 + 2 Boreyux ( 4-3).

Villiers La Ville: Van Wimmel, Charlier (46 Pinto), Bocelot, Vandamme, Vanderminen, Borex, LeBron, Nachtergell, Oliveira (46 Van Staal), De Luca (Noack 76), Van Roy.

Limal Wafer: Lefebvre, Liebmann (69th Ameri), Pelsmaekers, Moermans, Gabriel De Melo, Kalle, De Bluts, Berger, Ondobo (Dresse), Laloux, Tournay (58th Kanase).

Yellow cards: Moermans, Charlier, Laloux, Amri.

Red cards: 45 Vandamme (2 CJ), 57 Lefebvre, 90 + 1 Lebrun (2 CJ).

Rule: Mr. Isaac.


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Limal fits well in his meeting. A quarter of an hour into the match, Joseph Ondobo opened the scoring, assisted by Gabriel de Melo. After the half-hour mark, Charlie Van Rooy put the two teams even. Just before half-time, Joseph Ondobo was awarded a penalty, which Rafael de Plots sent back two runs after a fine stop by Arnaud van Wimmel. For a whimper, Vandamme takes a second yellow and runs back to the locker room. “It wasn’t easy with all the facts of the match. Frédéric Balan’s reaction hurt us a lot before the break.

Villersois T1 tries everything completely in the first half with two changes. On the hour mark, Charlie van Rooy equalized again. Lemal who now finds himself ten years old. The goalkeeper touches the ball with his hand outside the rectangle. “We’re not very lucky because it can be 3-2 and in the process, if we lose the ball, we collect 2-3. For the working week, it’s due because the guys are ahead. Today, we made little mistakes with the two red cards. It’s a shame some The thing but fortunately it had no consequences. Our team was in trouble. Every time it was necessary to pick up the score. I asked to apply that attacking pressure and give everything. They had an exemplary attitude. They showed their maximum because in the 85th it was still 2-2 3. »

Limal leaves empty-handed

For Ronald Michaels, it’s a huge disappointment. Lima residents leave this trip empty-handed, having led it on three occasions. Donatien Borroux delivers the win for Villiers in stoppage time, then Lefebvre fires the ball at the feet of his opponent, who didn’t ask as much. “I have a lot of regrets because we weren’t able to go two goals ahead. In my ambitions, it was to go two goals ahead. There were facts about the match, red cards,” the coach explains. Three red cards on the field, two off the bench in Lima, the referee was not with a dead hand. “I think today we can really talk about a crazy match and all the normal things have fallen away: the number of cards, the goals and the scenario. Today, we felt amazing. We touched the amazing.”


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