P1 – Saint-Michel is scared against Stokkel

Idrissi and Saint-Michel winners. -Lefebvre

P1 – Saint-Michel is scared against Stokkel

Posted on Thursday, November 24, 2022 at 11:11 PM

Saint Michael


The goals : 40th Kawaya (1-0), 58th Pierard (1-1), 62nd Simon (2-1).

Saint Michael: T. Leclercq, Sy, Boujardon (83rd Nitaho), M. Leclercq, Machi, Da Encarnacao, Kawaya, Keyaerts (59th Simon), Bassir (64th Blave), Becker (68th Speltinckx), Salumu.

Stokkel: Layachi, Wagner (72nd Dupuis), Pierard, Dierckx, Koffi, Saegeman (64th Goy), Vandenplas, Ziwando (57th Kusala), Benchekh, Ouali (72nd Kwaye), Njemen.

Yellow cards: Keyaerts, Saegeman, Goy, Pierard, Da Encarnacao, Dierckx.

Red card : 10th Benshekh.

Referee: Mr Steven.

Ideally launched into the meeting after Benckekh’s quick direct exclusion for poor reaction in a duel, Saint-Michel first took charge of the meeting in a sterile manner. It wasn’t until the end of the first act that the locals knocked on the window through Kawaya. Just after touching the square, the midfielder takes advantage of a good attack on the right flank by Keyaerts to mystify Layachi with a cross. In bad form but not down, Stockel manages to equalize on the hour after a free kick played in two legs perfectly closed by Pierard. The joy was short-lived, however, as Simon, who had only just started playing, overtook his opponent and put his side ahead with a shot out of reach of the visiting goalkeeper. Stokkel believed in his possibilities until the end and an equalizer was not ruled out.

“As I told the players before the game, a derby is not played, it is won,” said T1 Dawid Idrissi. “For the way we came back, but the team played with guts. I am very happy with the attitude of the players, they gave everything. The substitutes also contributed by providing a plus. We know very well that we can do better, but the result is there. Respect for Stokkel who did not give up ten against eleven. Their performance is a good lesson, the P1 teams do not give up. Thanks to this success, we can look at the second round more calmly. We made ourselves worry about better placed teams, we will get a result in every game.”

Optimistic Stockel

For Stokkel and his trainer, the poor results are related, but there is reason for optimism. Not helped by Benchekh’s exclusion, the mentality remained there for 90 minutes. “Whatever happens, I respect the referee’s decision. If he felt that this foul deserved a red card, then it is so,” coach Koray Tavukcular serenely analyses. “It is a fact of the game that falls badly for us, it handicapped us, but when I see the team’s reaction in the second half, I am very satisfied. Very disappointed, of course, too, but above all for the players and their unrewarded efforts. If we continue to work in this way, I am made to feel despite our backlog in the standings don’t worry about the second round. Maybe it would have been different at 11 o’clock, but that’s the way it is. After the second goal we didn’t give up and we still had chances. The attacking point is what we need If we work at it, the results will follow.”

Alexis Fernandez

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