out after injury against Serbia, Neymar suffers sprained ankle!

Brazil holds its breath. During the game against Serbia on Thursday night, Neymar hit the right ankle in the game against Serbia and had to give up his place in the 79th minute of play. The PSG player was on the pitch for a few seconds before leaving the field.

Back on the couch, he took off his right foot and took off his sock and shin guard. In photos taken by AFP photographers, we see a pigeon’s egg that has formed on the right malleolus of the Brazilian. The Paris Saint-Germain attacker was then filmed limping on his way back to the dressing room.

According to the doctor of the Brazilian team, Neymar suffers from a sprained ankle. “He sprained his right ankle. We haven’t had time to do a more complete assessment yet, but the ankle is already swollen a bit. It’s important to wait the first 24 hours, see how he will react. Now it’s a matter of calmness and a little patience,” he told Brazilian radio station Itatiaia.

Neymar was already hit on this right ankle in 2019, forcing him to give up playing the Copa America. Far from his worries and repeated health problems in the recent past, Neymar, who is playing his third World Cup at the age of 30, attacked this competition in scintillating form after a resounding start to the season in the PSG jersey.

Brazil’s next game is against Switzerland on Monday.

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