Other meetings at P3B: Here are all the results and reactions!

Hyun took on Harsheys in a heated finale to the match! -EG

Other meetings at P3B: Here are all the results and reactions!

Posted on Sunday, November 20, 2022 at 9:38 pm

by Nicola Buck

Mons North Convention 1

castle 2

Objectives : First Capegoni (1-0), 21st Hollin (1-1) and 33rd Hollin (1-2).

Match watched by Sébastien De Blauwe, T1 of Mons Nord: “Weeks follow one another and it looks the same for Mons Nord. It all started well with an early goal, but the team faded after the opener. I saw a reaction in the second half, but it’s not enough to hope for anything. The guys don’t show enough willpower in the series Very tough and pays off in cash. The team is in a bad spiral and we’ll have to respond. »

The match watched by Julian Jablonski, T1 of Kasto: “The players showed a lot of naivety in the first goal conceded at the start of the match. The rest of the first half was better and the score should have been heavier than a 1-2 at rest. The second half was less shattering and put the team itself in trouble. So much so that Mons Nord could have equalized at the end of the match without that crossbar. However, the match should have folded long ago.”

Kevin Jenley 2

Goats 1

Objectives : 25th Sock (0-1), 55th Binotto (1-1) and 65th T Marivit (1-2).

red card: 45 Sun Lao (2CJ, Schaeffer).

Match watched by Salvatore Ricotta, Quévy’s T1: “It was really complicated to develop football with the weather conditions and against a very defensive block. In the second half, the players put more power into the game and the game ended up turning in our favour. The score could have been much higher in my opinion because we had a lot of chances after the break. »

Match watched by Nicolas d’Angrio, T1 of Schaeffer: “The defeat was deserved at the end of the match, but the refereeing was simply disastrous today. My players were in a good position and defended well during the match, but many controversial decisions affected the final result, even if Quévy had more quality.”

lens 3

Glen 2

Objectives : 3rd Monvoisin (1-0), 10th Hermand (2-0), 29th Lecomte (2-1), 36th Goret (3-1/Pen) and 45th Plinguier (3-2).

red card: 88 Kostenko 2XCJ (Glen).

Match watched by David Bertiaux, T1 of Lens: “It was a very special match. Lens started the match very well, quickly leading 2-0. After that, the men lost track of the meeting a bit. Fortunately, Boudlet performed very well and prevented the opponent from scoring again. These are three very important points. »

Match watched by Dimitri Shrien, Ghlin’s T1: “My team showed two completely different faces in this confrontation. The first half was not good and Lens hoped for a better result than this one 3-2. On the other hand, after the break, there was only one team left on the field, but we again lacked a team. Efficiency in the last gesture. »


Flenu B 1

Objectives : 24 Hamza Fiorenza (0-1), 36 Borko (1-1), 38 Borko (2-1), Mukalla 78 (3-1).

The match watched by Angelo Fileccia, T1 of Saint Ghislain: “The players took the game on their own very quickly, but they often lacked precision on the last pass. As the game progressed, that gap in our game disappeared, and in the end I think I can say it’s a well-deserved victory. Those two victories in a row are good for the group and the standings. Finally launching our season. »

The match watched by Hamza Fiorenza, the Filino player: “We came into this meeting very well, but this match ended up slipping away from us. Realism let us down again today and the opposition gained confidence to come back to score. In my opinion the match turned 2-1. I’m very disappointed because I think Filino was stronger than Sane Ghislaine.”

Jeffrey 3

Beloeil B2

Objectives : 21 Saporito (1-0), 30 Akhraz (1-1), 65 Denioborg (1-2), 81 Kalou (2-2), 85 Kalou (3-2).

The match watched by Massimo Zingarelli, T1 of Jeffrey: “It has to be said, Belwell took us a long way through a large part of the meeting. This team is clearly out of place at the bottom of the table. My experience and my seat made the difference in this meeting that we didn’t necessarily deserve.”

Match watched by Bruno Zingarelli, T1 of Beloeil: “It’s a frustrating encounter again. The players played very well, but gave up at the end of the game. We obviously lacked experience against a team that had more than ours. The team won’t let go, but it will take a lot of personality to get that maintenance in the end.” season.” (NB)

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