Optima Mobile Black Friday offer, Super 100 for less than 5 euros

This Optima Mobile Deal set for Black Friday 2022 can’t be missing. Optima Italia has decided, precisely on the occasion of the Black Friday shopping week, to review the already convenient Optima Super 100 offer, with a discount of 50%. Thus, the terms of the plan for private clients are very beneficial, especially from today, November 22, until next November 29.

What the new Super 100 Black Friday edition has to offer

The already well-known Optima Mobile Super 100 offer includes a package of SMS, unlimited minutes for everyone and a 100 GB package To connect to the internet at 4G + speed. The reference network is the network of the operator Vodafone, which is certainly a guarantee of high-quality navigation from smartphones and other mobile devices.

All of the above have a significantly reduced cost in this Black Friday edition set for 2022, starting today. The normal monthly cost of 9.90 drops from the Optima Super 100 offer to just 4.95 euros. The discount compared to the standard price is clear and significant. Also on the occasion of the Black Friday week we are experiencing, the cost of activating the offer has also been significantly reduced, from € 15.90 to only € 5. The special economic conditions will be valid for 12 months from activation: after that the monthly cost will be €9.90.

How to activate the Super 100 Black Friday Edition

To take advantage of the Optima Super 100 offer in the Special Edition, simply sign up for the price directly at Optima Italia Mobile Site. The procedure will only take a few minutes and the purchase can be made using the preferred payment method. The activation of the special promotion will be possible until the special offer runs out: that’s why it would be better to take advantage of the opportunity to save without waiting any longer.

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