Open Fiber launches 10Gbps fiber, close-up of Dimension

Open Fiber has “unlocked” the connection. FTTH fiber with speeds up to 10Gbps, and right here the first offer. It comes from Dimensione, which offers XGS PON technology for both consumer and business users. The advancement of fiber optics therefore continues, while Open Fiber recently received AGCOM approval for 2.5 Gbps fiber in white areas.

Some people will think of TIM’s 10 Gbit/s fiber optics, which, however, is not one of Open Fiber’s partner operators. It is Dimensione that has seized the opportunity and in just a few hours has already received the first requests to activate the 10Gbps plan.

At least the cover of FTTH XGS-PON at 10 Gbps is already large enough to be a very new technology: Milano, San Donato Milanese, Rozzano, San Giuliano Milanese, Settimo Milanese, Buccinasco, RHO, Pero, Lecce, Bollate, Cormano, Assago, Corsico, Opera, Cesano Boscone, Trezzano sul Naviglio, Cornaredo, Arese, Basiglio, Bologna, Naples, Bari, Palermo, Venice, Catania, Padua, Brindisi, Novara, Treviso.

Dimensione offers a very fast internet connection in the named floor Glass fiber 10 giga. Promised up to 10 gigabits per second in Downloads and up to 2.5 inches uploading with the following costs:

  • monthly:
    • Consumer bills: 59.90 euros, “Price Locked Forever” the provider assures
    • BV: 39.90 euros for 24 months thanks to the state bonus, after that 119.90 euros
  • activation:
    • Consumers: 49 euros, also for existing customers
    • Business: included
  • installation: included.

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