OnePlus Black Friday: treasure hunt, rich prizes and many more smartphones on offer

The Black Friday 2022 period also begins OnePlus official website An initiative as interesting as it is strange. Here it is black box processOne Digital treasure hunt dedicated to the OnePlus community And it extended to all of Europe, which received the first prize The Golden Fund: Only one lucky user will be able to win it You will win a lifetime stock of OnePlus phones. It will immediately get the top of the range OnePlus 10 Pro and from 2023 it will be delivered once a year a new flagship directly from the OnePlus store, obviously Free and forever.

Users will have to find some carefully selected locations that are scattered across the continent. These coordinates are classified, however They can be found thanks to the clues They are posted on OnePlus social channels and on the official website.

It is clear that those who participate will not have to physically go to the indicated places, but rather will Use Google Street View to locate mysterious black boxes. By doing so, you will participate in the weekly drawing of the box Try to win a OnePlus device. This is for the entire month of November. This game, as expected at the beginning, will end with the final drawing dedicated to the golden chest, which is certainly the most attractive and popular.

In addition to what has just been described, OnePlus is offering some of its flagship smartphones at discounted prices. Specifically, you will find a file OnePlus 10 Pro starts at 699 eurosthe OnePlus 10T phone that can be purchased for only 599 euros (The highest bid one is for the 16 / 256GB variant at 699 euros) as well as the mid-range OnePlus Nord 2T and Nord CE 2 at 349 euros and 269 euros for the basic versions.

The price decreases by reference Buds Pro, Buds Z2, and Nord Buds (109, 69 and 35 euros) all at all-time lows.

To purchase the listed products and receive more information about OnePlus’ Black Friday, simply visit the manufacturer’s official website or click on the direct links to all the main offers that you find below:

Article created in collaboration with OnePlus

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