OnePlus announces the introduction of a new smartwatch inspired by the Apple Watch

OnePlus Watch did not fully convince critics and the public. Underneath the outer shell of a complete smartwatch, it has very few features, making it more like a bracelet tied to the price of the watch. The fact that OnePlus makes it official today The release of the OnePlus Nord Watch is good news: the Nord range indicates an easily accessible price position, which prefers to stick to the direction that the brand has taken for its smartwatches.

On his official website, we can read next “OnePlus Nord Watch, coming soon”accompanied by a slogan “move”confirming the brand’s desire to introduce a fitness bracelet with a display.

Shadowless design

Why yes, a design that remains up to us to guess leaves little room for interpretation, although only half of it has been seen. In fact, we can very clearly distinguish an inspiration from the Apple Watch, with its square case and rotating crown located on the right.

By the way, the borders seem relatively wide compared to the Apple Watch Series 7. We also imagine that the case, despite its silver color, does not have to be metallic. Entry-level watches are generally satisfied with composite materials such as polymer fibers or others.

Moreover, in terms of functionality, it’s hard to imagine OnePlus rectifying the situation with its first smartwatch by incorporating new uses onto an easily accessible bracelet. The price, which is still unknown, should help him find his place in the catalog.

Its release date is still unknown. Some sites like GSM Arena have provided this Release date in September or early October.

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