ONE (One Punch Man) reveals some details about Versus

After One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100ONE is preparing to unveil its next manga Versus. This new work promises just as much as the previous one, as it pits an army of superheroes against demons, who endanger the fate of the world.

Credits: Shueisha

A familiar universe

ONE is known for its dantesque fighting style. For Versus, the mangaka has no intention of deviating from the rule. Versus will face off against two camps consisting of 46 opponents each, with superheroes on one side and demons on the other. Their battle will be similar to that of Record of Ragnarok. For this work, ONE collaborated with Kyoutaro Azuma. The latter is known for his fighting drawings for King of Fighters and Tenkaichi. Versus will be available from November 26.

Credits: Shonen Sirius
Credits: Shonen Sirius

Versus will be available in the next issue of Shonen Sirius. The latter unveiled its front cover with two protagonists from Versus headlining: a warrior and a winged pig. We look forward to discovering what this new manga has to offer us, both in terms of history and combat.

A news

While we wait to discover Versus, Season 3 of Mob Psycho 100 continues to bring us good and beautiful things. As for One Punch Man, a third season has been announced. It will revolve around the clash between Saitama and the Monster Association. The story of this dark society should be the subject of a movie developed by Sony Entertainment.


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