one of the “Star Academy” finalists is persuaded to know the identity of the season’s winner

This Saturday night we will know the name of the big winner of this 2022 season of the “Star Academy”. Due to the World Cup football, TF1 broadcasts the final from 10 p.m.

So which of Anisha, Enola, Louis or Léa will win the 100,000 euros promised to the winner and the contract with Sony Music?

One of the finalists already has her idea. “I’m not afraid of anyone, but I already know who’s going to win. I mentally prepared myself for Nikos Aliagas not to mention my name on the night of the final,” Léa explained to Télé-Loisirs. And to continue: “Everything that has happened to me so far has been a great shock and I am very grateful, especially to the public. The idea of ​​not winning the Star Ac’ doesn’t scare me though, because I’ve already won everything by reaching the final stage. »

Léa finally gives her predictions, without giving a precise name: “I know I have my place in the final, but certain personalities attract more than mine. I think I have a lot of haters in the audience, so I can’t match Anisha and Enola. »

Remember, during the finals, two students will be eliminated, and the two who received the most votes from the audience will then compete in a “true” final final.

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