On Rai 4K the world championship matches without graphics with time and score: that’s why

If you watch the World Cup games on Rai 4K, you will have noticed the lack of graphics with the score and the minute played. Something that is certainly annoying, also considering the super restarts ordered by the referees in this edition. Many have wondered why the so-called “scoreboard” was missing on Rai 4K, both with the excellent satellite signal on tivusat and streaming via hbbTV, accessible via digital terrestrial channel 101, while it is regularly present on the HD channel.

This is not a distraction or even a manifestation of “laziness,” but a choice dictated by economic imperatives. Whether we agree or not (we don’t), Rai still considers 4K transmission to be “experimental”. The truth is that FIFA requires significant additional rights to use graphics (which are not standard for the whole world but overlay the basic and personalized signal for each nation) and do it in different ways depending on the flow you want to transmit. The HD stream, broadcast on Rai 1 HD and Rai 2 HD, obviously pays this tax: it certainly wouldn’t have been acceptable not to have the scoreboard on the main channels. But Rai must have considered that the additional expense for 4K graphics (according to rumors several hundred thousand euros) could be saved precisely because of the experimental nature of 4K broadcasts.

Obviously we don’t like to see the beautiful Rai 4K (especially via satellite) as the channel son of a lesser god, but it must be recognized that at a time when the squandering of public money ends up in huge letters and quickly in the newspapers, it’s going viral on social networks , the decision to stick to the FIFA table would also have been a potentially annoying media case.

Of course, RAI could have created a self-managed parallel graphic and overlaid it on the international feed, but this would have required not only consistent management with the official graphic (just think of the exact game time and reports of restorations), but also all the need for a costly recomposition of the graphics signal in real time, with a further delay compared to real life, unacceptable in times when smartphone apps are sending instant burst notifications for every goal.

It must be said that in previous experiences (see the European Championships won by Italy) the 4K signal present on satellite and via RaiPlay also had a differentiated audio commentary (and less appealing because it was made by the studio); This time, Rai managed to apply the same audio commentary intended for HD broadcasts to the 4K stream.

It is worth mentioning the curiosity for which the update of the result, which is displayed in the third lower area for each goal, remains visible even in the 4K stream.

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