On Password Day, tech giants want to remove…passwords

The giants of the tech scene, Apple, Google and Microsoft, are working together to improve security in the world of computing. Today is World Password Day Ironically, large companies aim to achieve this A scientist… without a password.

This process is actually safer than the alternative. The idea is to designate a phone as an authentication device, and connect it to the web services the user wants to use. They can be unlocked from the mobile device by performing the usual biometric authentication procedures, such as Face ID and fingerprints. Which is clearly unique and not subject to data theft.

Words by Curt Knight, Apple’s Senior Director of Marketing

Our products are designed to be intuitive and versatile, but also private and secure. Working with the industry to bring you newer, more secure login methods that provide better protection and eliminate vulnerabilities in passwords is central to our goal of creating products that provide the ultimate in security and a transparent user experience – all with the goal of keeping your personal information secure.

The added simplicity of the system will make life easier for the users. Most people always use the same simple password to remember it better, but make life much easier for hackers. All phishing attacks will also be thwarted: there is no risk of accidentally exposing your code if it is not there.

The watchword, according to Microsoft’s vice president of security, is compatibility. All phones of any brand can be used as authenticators for any web applicationeven those of the competing companies.

The hope is that thanks to the heavy use of FIDO security standardsAnd the Starting this year, users will be able to enjoy the full experience without having to use any code, not even to set up the system. Hopefully, this will be a stepping stone to a truly password-free future.

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