Old Man’s Journey, the challenging puzzle game comes to Apple Arcade

Old Man’s Journey is the latest game to join the Apple Arcade catalog: or rather, its “Plus” variant, to stay true to the guidelines by which all titles in Apple’s “fixed price” service are exclusive. In fact, the game has been around for several years, even on the iPhone and iPad, and it’s very popular: over the years it has received quite a few awards and accolades, in fact.

Old man’s trip A puzzle with beautiful graphics, ingenious gameplay but above all a captivating story, which recounts in a very simple and immediate manner such great concepts of life as precious moments, shattered dreams, mourning, sudden and inevitable changes, hope, redemption, and adventure. In a sense, it’s somewhat reminiscent of the legendary Monument Valley, at least in terms of philosophy/approach, even if one certainly can’t speak of a clone (but no derivative work).

It’s not entirely clear at this point how this “extra” variant differs from the original. It’s not a new tactic in the world of Apple Arcade: it usually means removing ads and in-app purchases, but the old version wasn’t. Effective way It feels like the same game but for free for Arcade subscribers. In any case, neither Apple nor Broken Rules have added details indicating otherwise.

On Apple Arcade it is The Skate City update has also arrived: There is a brand new level with 21 challenges and 30 new objectives. To date, Apple’s service has more than 200 titles — and you’d think it started with just a few.

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