Oil baths are more economical and efficient

Winter is coming! And when the cold hits your home, a backup heater is always welcome.The Mill brand is retrofitting oil-filled radiators by adding connectivity.

Advantages of oil bath heating

Like many heaters, Mill’s oil-filled radiators operate using a heat transfer fluid. principle? Electrical energy is converted into heat. This auxiliary heater connected to the sector receives electricity to the resistor and heats the oil contained in the column, warming the room.

Unlike traditional electric radiators, the oil bath has Reduced energy consumption Produces soft, even heat. Due to the principle of inertia, the oil continues to retain heat even when the power is turned off, and the heat inside can be kept for a long time…

Temperature control with smartphone

The Mill Wfi 3rd generation shines with its mobility. Its small dimensions (66 x 13 x 34.4 cm) make it an unobtrusive companion, but as Mercury approaches negative temperatures, its connected features become even more important.

Because Mill oil-filled radiators can be controlled remotely via the Mill mobile application thanks to Wifi. Among other things, you can see if a radiator is on or off, manage multiple radiators, program the heating, and precisely adjust the room temperature.

Mill 2

Away mode to reduce your bill

In these rapidly expanding times, especially when it comes to energy, Mills radiators offer a very practical away mode. Morning? The app allows you to schedule home and outing times. Mills heaters maintain your desired temperature while you’re on the go, and automatically heat up to get you back to the comfort of your home. This prevents wasting energy by heating the empty interior unnecessarily.

App 1

Design and understated ornaments

A mill oil bath heater with an impressive modern design before warming your skin and heart. It also has an integrated LED for ease of use.

The mill is white and black, with neutral colors chosen to blend with any type of home décor. The radiator’s rounded corners affirm its design aspect and allow it to be placed in any corner of the house without issue. Silent, you will soon forget about the heater that makes you feel good at home!

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