Now you can really experience the new Android Auto: here’s how (Updated)

After the first announcement of the availability of the new Android Auto in beta, it was released good news that users have been waiting for.

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The new version of Android Auto, codenamed Coolwalk, is finally here Accessible to everyone Those who want to try it. In the last few hours google Reopened public subscriptions in beta.

This is one Related news Because at the time of the new Android Auto beta release, it was publishing subscriptions to the software it was closed. It was because it was The maximum number has been reached of the participants. Simply put, only those who were previously enrolled in the beta can try the new Android Auto.

This has changed in the last few hours because Google has Re-enrolment for the beta program. And therefore Don’t waste your time And subscribe, if you’re interested in the new Android Auto, via links which you can find below.


cameos plans to arrive to page which you can find at the link above, Stick To the beta version via the button at the bottom right and wait for the Android Auto app to update It will come automatically in the Play Store.

we do not know As long as registrations remain open, we don’t know if Google has set a new maximum for registered participants. Two more reasons Hurry up and sign up.

Updated 11/17/2022

Apparently, many requested beta access, and Google was forced to close access. Therefore, at present, it is not possible to enter the beta circle to experience Coolwalk first-hand.

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