Now works on the go (and costs more)

The news is one that will make many happy camp Scattered all over the world, or at least, for the time being, the Americans. There will be contact soon Internet Stable and powerful even when you are travel. This will be provided by Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite system (like Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter).

Usually, that is Internet in mobile homes It is necessary to install a satellite dish, which must necessarily point in the direction of a particular satellite. But, of course, aiming cannot be done while driving because the vehicle is constantly changing its direction and position. Also, the satellite dish is not designed to withstand wind from a fast-moving vehicle. Starlink now has a solution to fix this and it can be used Even on the go.

Starlink on the go: how it works

SpaceX has introduced a new Starlink satellite dish for recreational vehicles and boats with impressive specifications. The new antennas can also take on a tornado he’s at high rain.

Also, and this is the unique feature of the Starlink network, it is not always necessary to target a satellite. They can then simply be fitted into one fixed position on top of the cart.

The advantages are of course obvious: you no longer depend on Wi-Fi and/or mobile internet The signal is always active Even when crossing borders or entering a remote area where there is usually no signal. Starlink only offers internet service but through it you can stream all your favorite TV channels, chat, make calls and video calls.

According to insiders, it will save speed The download speed is 500mbps and the upload speed is 50mbps. The classic satellite dish and satellite receiver, designed primarily for receiving television, will soon become a thing of the past. Your budget has provided you with good economic expenses.

When will it arrive and how much will it cost

In Italy, Starting in Decemberan antenna will be offered for you to use Only when the car is stationaryIt is available at a price of 410 euros, in addition to a monthly subscription of 85 euros. The good thing is that the company allows you to do so Suspend and reactivate the service at any time and charge it monthly according to your travel needs.

However, the moving vehicle version could cost much more: even 3000 euros. The price difference between the two antennas isn’t just due to the fact that the new model is more powerful. This also provides much stronger reception so it can receive signals from multiple satellites at the same time.

It also has technology that takes care of integrating satellite signals entering/leaving range to be permanent One stable connection.

At the end of this year, the new Starlink antenna will be available in United State We will have a more accurate idea of ​​the costs. The company has not yet indicated if and when it will be shown in Europe, but it is very likely given that Starlink’s coverage in our skies is excellent.

Finally, let’s remember that Starlink is also available for boats ($10,000 for antenna and $5,000 per month) and private jets ($150,000 for the antenna and $12,500-25,000 for the subscription).

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