Nothing Phone (1) and Android 13, something is moving: Carl Pei shows a screen

Something is moving in the house Nothing for the arrival of Android 13 on the phone (1). The news comes from Carl Pei, who has known how to build tension for years. OnePlus’ former number one at Nothing posted a screenshot of the information screen of a Nothing Phone (1) on Twitter, where two elements stand out:

  • software information, Nothing OS version 1.5.0, unreleased
  • below the version of android 13.

So there is already at least one Nothing Phone (1) updated to Android 13 that we can say at this point will happen with Nothing OS 1.5.0. When We can’t say yet whether it will be available for download, but Pei himself gives a rough indication. When asked by a user whether a beta program is coming, the CEO answered briefly but clearly: “Soon”.

One will be announced soon beta program that we imagine at this point could be public, ie open not only to developers but also to those users who want to get their hands on the new operating system immediately, accepting some bugs or revisable optimizations. We hope with you that, despite the statements made in August, news of this kind will arrive within a week or two, also because time is ticking and nothing stands still with just a smartphone within reach.

Nothing Phone (1): Android 13 beta by the end of the year, stable release in early 2023

August 25th

The lag compared to competitors is partly due to the fact that Nothing is a startup in fact, just born when it’s placed alongside giants like Samsung, which are traveling at a pace impossible for even the most structured competition. But with just a smartphone within reach and a near-stock user interface like the one offered by Nothing OS, something more could have been done. After all, Pei knows the meaning of speed. Which cannot be reduced to app opening times.

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(updated November 23, 2022, 5:55 p.m.)

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